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Ken BulmerHenry Kenneth "Ken" Bulmer was born in London, England on January 14, 1921. He was a very prolific British writer, who wrote over 160 novels and hundreds of articles and short stories. Ken wrote both under his own name and under at least 22 pseudonyms. His most famous novels were the "Dray Prescot" series, which he wrote as Alan Burt Akers (some were even credited to Dray Prescot). Ken died peacefully in Tunbridge Wells, England on December 16, 2005 following an extended illness. (Obituary)

Make sure you check out his other work. I greatly enjoyed his "Keys to the Dimensions" and "Hook" series as well many of his individual novels, and look forward to reading more as I find them.

Instead of listing his many works again, I'm including links below to some good biographies and bibliographies.

Bibliography on Peet's site with many cover thumbnails

ISFDB Bibliography

The Kenneth Bulmer Wikipedia Article

Biography and Bibliography on Spacelight

Bibliography on FantasticFiction with a number of covers

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